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Sleep Test: PolySom9: Obstructive & Central sleep apnea & breathing disorders

Sleep Test: PolySom9: Obstructive & Central sleep apnea & breathing disorders

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Sleepco PolySom9 Sleep Study:

  • 9 Parameter Sleep Study (Basic Polysomnographic Test)
  • Qualitative Sleep Assessment (Questionnaires and consult)

This service helps assess sleep difficulties and disturbances and ultimately suggests methods and treatments to improve your sleep. 

There will be a total of three questionnaires, two online tests, two 3-night equipment studies and an optional 45-minute face to face or Zoom meeting with one of our sleep technician coaches. 

The equipment will be sent your address and instructions provided on how to set up the equipment for your 3 night sleep test.

BOND REQUIRED: A bond of $900 is required for this service. This will be returned to you as soon as the equipment has been returned in it's original working order.

This test & service involves

  • A highly sensitive motion; heart-rate and sound detector under your mattress.
  • Wearing a multi-channel device that measures airflow, snoring, thoracic & abdominal movement, SpO2, pulse rate, PPG, body position and respiratory effort titration. 
  • Three online questionnaires that assess daytime sleepiness, diurnal and nocturnal routines and habits, general health and wellbeing associated with sleep health
  • An online test to measure your psychomotor vigilance in relation to restfulness. 
  • A secondary online test for an insomnia sleep score
  • An optional 45 minute consult (face to face, online or through online chat / email) to assess your sleep difficulties and provide more information to help with the sleep study.
  • A personalized report based on your clinical indications, questionnaires, test results and consult. 
  • Treatment recommendations, suggestions and education relevant to your sleep study results and any other relevant information collected.

There are many sleep disturbances that can be detected with this sleep study. The next step up from this sleep test is a polysomnographic study (PSG) which includes all of the above as well as electroencephalography (EEG), electro-oculogram (EOG), electromyogram (EMG) and electrocardiogram (ECG); all of which records electrical activity, or biopotentials, during your sleep. Biopotentials help physicians determine vital organ function and signs that may indicate a primary physiological condition 

While this sleep study does not include biopotential measurements, our multi-system approach philosophy is an excellent test to start with to improve your sleep quality and get to the bottom of any common ailments effecting your sleep and thus your overall wellbeing. 


Disclaimer: By purchasing this service you understand and agree to the following:
Sleepco and its constituents do not diagnose medical conditions. PolySom9 Sleep Test is undertaken in the comfort of your own home. The raw data is extrapolated from the devices and interpreted using vendor software. Your sleep data may be shared with third-party health professionals by the technologist if further evaluation of your results is required. The analyses of your results will be interpreted by our sleep coach technician and explained to you in full detail. Treatment guidance and education based off your results will be provided to you as part of the service. While the scope of this test yields high accuracy in the determination and discovery of various sleep disturbances (such as obstructive sleep apnea, hypopneas or "RERAs"), this service cannot rule out all possible conditions that may be contributing or causing daytime sleepiness or reduced quality of sleep. The PolySom9 Sleep Test provides you with insight into common sleep disorders detected by the study and where applicable, guidance will be provided about what treatments are available based on your results.

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