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CPAP Tubing Brush Cleaner. 210cm wire brush and short brush.

CPAP Tubing Brush Cleaner. 210cm wire brush and short brush.

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Sleepco CPAP Tubing Brush Cleaner.

Suitable for both standard 22mm tubing and slim 19mm tubing. 

Includes one long brush for tubing and one short brush for other parts.

This CPAP Tubing Brush Cleaner is intended for maintaining the hygiene and functionality of your CPAP equipment. With the CPAP tube experiencing constant airflow, our cleaning brush is designed to help scrub away bacteria and germs that may accumulate within the hose. Recommended to use with antibacterial warm soapy water. Ensure tubing and other equipment is both thoroughly rinsed and dry before re-using. 

Key Features:

  • Efficient Cleaning: This tool offers a quick and easy cleaning solution for CPAP tubing. Utilize it for either a rapid one-time pull-through or an intensive cleaning session, ensuring better hygiene and CPAP therapy.
  • Compatibility: Our brush is compatible with all tubing, fitting standard 22mm & 19mm diameter tubing used in CPAP, BiPAP, or other PAP tubing.
  • Gentle on Equipment: Constructed with ultra-soft bristles, the brush ensures thorough cleaning without compromising the integrity of your CPAP tube.
  • Compact Storage: Designed for accessibility, the brush can extend up to 7 feet for easy maneuverability during cleaning yet conveniently collapse into a compact form. A small plastic bag is provided for neat storage, minimizing the use of space.

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 7 Feet or 210cm when fully extended
  • Brush Length: 15 cm 
  • Brush Diameters: 22mm and 19mm
  • Color: Steel flexible spring frame and white brushes.

Package Contents:

1 set of CPAP Tube Brushes, which includes 1 double-sided long brush and 1 short brush.

Please Note:

  • The actual color of the item may vary slightly from the images displayed, owing to differences in monitor and screen settings.
  • Allow for minor variations in dimensions due to manual measurement.
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Customer Reviews

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Excellent exactly what I needed ! 1 1

Claudia & Peter Zimmer
CPAP Tubing Brush Cleaner

This product does not work well on the tubing for my Fisher & Paykel CPAP device.
Not the problem of the seller. The brush just does not glide easily through the tubing of my device.