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BMC F6 Full Face Mask

BMC F6 Full Face Mask

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BMC F6 Full Face CPAP / APAP / BIPAP Mask

New style design.
Size: Medium

Ultra-lightweight and comfortable delivering superior comfort
Slim Main Frame that is stable and durable
FlexiGroove Auto-fit cushion for maximum comfort
360° Ball and Socket Elbow Rotation
Compact design with a 3-part assembly for effortless assembling after cleaning.
Quick Click Frame Attachment for effortless reassembling after cleaning.
A full-face mask that has been redefined. Innovative under-the-nose-cushion bring freedom to the nose while minimizing claustrophobia.

The F5A Full Face CPAP Mask is a forehead frame-free CPAP mask designed to provide a clear field of view without the obstruction of forehead support, therefore, delivering superior comfort throughout the night.

Under-the-nose Cushion

The innovative under-the-nose cushion brings liberty to the nasal bridge and meanwhile minimizes claustrophobia.
Circular Dispersion Vent

The circular dispersion vent keeps the noise as low as 17dB (A) and meanwhile protects your bed partner from being disturbed.
Modular Main Frame

The main frame is compatible with all cushion sizes.
Crown-style Adjustable Headgear

The adjustable headgear is fit for most head sizes. Wider range, more inclusiveness.
Recommendation: For patients with mouth leaks, blocked nasal passages, and/or a deviated septum.
Ideal for wearing glasses, bedtime reading, and watching TV.

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Customer Reviews

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david griffin

It's diffrine to what I was using but I'm getting used to it and sleeping way better thank you