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BMC P2H Nasal Pillow Mask. S/M/L Pillows Included. Waterless, Self-Humidifying Mask.

BMC P2H Nasal Pillow Mask. S/M/L Pillows Included. Waterless, Self-Humidifying Mask.

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BMC P2H Nasal Pillow Mask CPAP / APAP / BIPAP

Waterless Humidification mask. This mask accepts BMC Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME) Tablets, also known as HU Tablets. It is ideal for travel where you do not need to fill your CPAP machine with water and save power running from a 12V/24V vehicle or from an external battery. 

Compatible with all CPAP machines. Specifically designed for use with the BMC M1 Mini CPAP Machine, however this mask is popular with any brand of CPAP machine. 

Included in this package:

1 x Short tubing
1 x Headgear
1 x Moisture Exchange Tablet (HU)
1 x Moisture Exchange Tablet (HU Plus)
2 x adaptor/connector (15mm & 22mm)
2 x filter
1 x filter Cover

Product Overview:

Experience enhanced convenience with our innovative waterless humidification mask, a significant advancement beyond traditional masks. This mask simplifies the humidification process by integrating a waterless humidification system directly into the mask, ideal for travellers, campers, hikers and anyone seeking a more lightweight and convenient way to achieve humidification without using the CPAP humidifier. 

Key Features:

  • P2H Nasal Pillows Interface: With its minimalistic design, this mask is easy to clean, assemble, and wear, ensuring a comfortable fit.
  • Ultra-Lightweight: Designed for optimal control and comfort, you'll barely notice it's there.
  • Open Field of View: The mask's wide-vision design allows for unobstructed reading or viewing, enhancing your comfort.
  • Custom Fit: Available in three cushion sizes to ensure a perfect fit for any face shape.
  • HU / HU-Plus Humidification Tablets: Choose from two types of tablets to suit your environment; HU for most settings and HU-Plus specifically crafted for high-altitude areas.
  • Quiet Airflow Filter: A discreet filter directs airflow away from your partner and ensures a quiet sleeping environment.
  • Flexible Swivel: A 360° swivel feature allows for quick tube attachment or release and is adaptable with a variety of tube cuffs for your convenience.

Compatibility Details:

This nasal mask is adaptable to a variety of CPAP machines, including the ResMed AirMini when used alongside the 15mm connector included in this package. The P2H Nasal Mask is generally compatible with nearly all CPAP machines, even without the need for a traditional water-based humidifier.

Travel-Friendly Humidification:

The HME setup offers a compact and waterless alternative to the conventional bulky humidifiers, ideal for travellers, hikers and campers or anyone who uses a smaller PAP device but requires humidification 

The BMC HU Heat Moisture Exchange components discretely capture heat and moisture during exhalation, storing it in micro paper ridges. This stored humidity is efficiently released back into your air stream as you inhale, offering consistent relief from airway dryness.

Usage Instructions:

Both BMC HU and HU-Plus HME tablets are intended for single use and must be replaced every 30 days after opening, irrespective of continuous usage. Note that these HME tablets are exclusively designed to pair with the BMC P2H Nasal Pillow Mask.

Climate Adjustments:

Select the standard BMC HU HME tablets for regular environments.
For locations with low humidity, such as high altitudes or in-flight use, the HU-Plus variant is recommended.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, streamlined design
  • Easy to maintain with simple assembly, fitting, and cleaning
  • Adjustable headgear for a customized fit
  • The wide-vision design allows for reading or viewing with minimal obstruction
  • Ideal for users who experience nasal bridge sensitivity or those who prefer not to feel confined by their mask
  • Best suited for patients who naturally breathe through their nose during sleep


Demo Video for N5A (Includes fitting instructions):

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