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BMC HME Humidification Unit Tablet and Filters X6

BMC HME Humidification Unit Tablet and Filters X6

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BMC HU & Filter X6 Pcs. Standard Humidification Unit. 

  • Fits BMC Waterless Humidification masks: P2H, N5H
  • This package consists of 6 Humidification Units (with filters).
  • Each HU lasts for 30 days. 6 Months worth of humidification!
  • BMC HU: Use standard BMC HU HME tablets for most climates and sleep environments.
  • BMC HU-Plus: Use HU-Plus for high altitude environments, like aircrafts, where humidity is low.

Heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs) are a waterless humidification solution, designed to provide moisture for patients who experience drying out of their airways, while retaining the small size of travel CPAP devices. The BMC HU Heat Moisture Exchange components provide the comfort of humidification without the hassle of bulky traditional CPAP humidifiers or CPAP Water Chambers.

The fine filter within the BMC HU tablet captures and stores heat and moisture from your exhalations into the HME’s tiny paper ridges prior to reaching your masks ‘vents. When you inhale the BMC HU HME releases the humidity back into the breathing circuit, offering you relief from possible dryness. With these HME’s patients will enjoy the same level of breathing comfort away from home along with the added convenience of a smaller travel CPAP device that doesn’t require distilled water.

Usage: The BMC HU & HU-PLUS HME tablets are disposable and should be replaced after 30 days once opened regardless of whether they have been used continuously or not. Humidification tablet HME.

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