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Simple Adjustable Chin Strap for snoring and sleep apnea

Simple Adjustable Chin Strap for snoring and sleep apnea

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This simple two-strapped chin brace is ideal for those wanting less material touching their face. 

Fully adjustable with velcro, one size fits most. 

Use: Reduce snoring, encourage breathing through the nose, recommended for people using nasal masks for PAP therapy

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Customer Reviews

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Good chin strap

Good chin strap. Works well with a goatee as I happen to have

Diane Combs
Nice product. Thick padded fabric

Works good. I've had a few chin straps which tend to dig into front or bottom of my ear. This one at least stays mostly clear of it. I use a variety. Works well with my nasal mask (P2) and again ears are kept relatively safe

Steve Brady
No good.

This style of strap is only good for keeping your mouth shut. It will not stop your tongue settling back into your throat and thus will not stop snoring nor OSA. Was only brought as a trial on the off chance it might help me sleep a little better. That did not happen.