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Sleepco CPAP Travel Battery Large (300Wh / 90Ah)

Sleepco CPAP Travel Battery Large (300Wh / 90Ah)

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300Wh Power Bank for CPAP and other devices.

  • Capacity: 90,000 mAh (300 Wh)
  • Can recharge a smart phone around 10 to 15 times
  • Inbuilt inverter: up to 200W 
  • Optional: Travel Adapter
    • Charge battery from cigarette lighter output or other 12V source
    • Run other electronic devices from 12V to 24V 
  • Weight is 4.1 kg
  • Please select your CPAP device when placing an order. This will include any adapters or accessories required to power your CPAP.
  • If your PAP device is not listed, please send us a message and we will confirm compatibility.

Compatible with most CPAP Machines using the provided adapter. Please select your PAP device. It's handy built in inverter makes it ideal for powering your Fisher & Paykel Icon or SleepStyle Series or other electronics.

This battery can power a travel CPAP such as M1 Mini or ResMed AirMini between 25 and 30 hours, or three to four nights. Runtime will be considerably lower on larger devices, high output settings or any CPAP running a humidifier. If possible, it is recommended to turn humidifier to OFF when using an external power source. 

It is highly recommended to charge this device after every night or at least every two nights to protect the lithium cycle count and prolong the life of your battery.

Product Specifications:

  • Extended Power Supply: Offers a robust 300W output to keep your travel CPAP devices functioning for 2 to 3 nights.
  • High Battery Capacity: Features a 11.1V internal battery and 333WH capacity, ensuring a consistent power source through multiple nights.
  • Safe Output Waveform: Utilizes a correction wave to ensure a clean, stable power output to your CPAP devices.
  • 12V Dual Function Port: Charging port can be used to both charge the battery and provide 12V to travel adapter or other 12V appliance. Must use travel adapter (here) to power CPAP machines.
  • Optimal Voltage and Frequency: Outputs a voltage of 220V and supports a frequency switch between 50HZ and 60HZ, aligning with various CPAP device requirements.
  • USB Output: Includes two 5V/2A USB outputs for convenient charging of additional devices, enhancing utility and adaptability.
  • Easy-to-Read Display: Equipped with a voltage digital display for real-time monitoring of power status.
  • Diverse Charging Options: Can be charged through multiple methods including car charging, standard charger, or solar panel, offering flexibility on the go.
  • DC Electric Support: Maintains a steady 12.6V/5A supply for connected devices.
  • Robust and Portable: All-metal shell, sturdy carry handle and weighing in at 4.1kg, this battery is designed for ease of transportation and storage.
  • Dimensions: 280*190*70 mm

While this battery inverter device is intended to be used for powering your CPAP or BiPap machine, it will also make an excellent travel, camping or campervan / caravan companion. 

12V output / input port gives you the freedom to power a range of 12V appliances either using the inverter, or using 12V output directly. 

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Customer Reviews

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Andy Jakson
Awesome battery. Powers everything

Awesome battery. Powers everything - laptop, CPAP machine and phone and other electronics. Feels robust and well made. I get 4 nights out of it using M1 Mini. But I tend to try charge it during the day as I have been advised it will increase its lifespan. You will also need CPAP Travel adapter which comes separately.