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Wellue O2 SPO2 Ring. Oxygen saturation tracking.

Wellue O2 SPO2 Ring. Oxygen saturation tracking.

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Viatom O2 Ring

Featuring a compact design with precise medical-grade sensors. Targeted for those with sleep apnea or heavy snoring, to facilitate with overnight blood oxygen monitoring.

Link it with your smartphone for detailed sleep analytics covering daily to monthly trends. It reliably tracks blood oxygen, pulse, and motion for up to 14-hour. Recharging this device after one night is recommended.

Bluetooth on your phone does NOT need to remain switched on or connected to this device for it to work. It will record automatically and sync with your phone when you open the app.

  • Smart Alert System: The ring vibrates to alert you if oxygen levels fall below a set threshold or if heart rate deviates from preset limits, with events recorded in the app.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Access detailed analysis and trends of oxygen and pulse readings through our free app and PC software. Export and share reports in PDF and CSV formats. Compatible with iOS (9.0+), iPhone 4s/iPad 3 onwards, Android (5.0+), and Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.
  • Data Storage: The O2 Ring captures and holds data for up to 40 hours, auto-syncing with the app when connected via Bluetooth.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for effortless operation, simply wear the ring to initiate monitoring. Its soft silicone design ensures lightweight comfort.
  • USB Rechargeable**: Conveniently power up the device using a USB connection.


NOTE: This oximeter is designed for domestic use to monitor and document indications of hypoxemia. It is important to acknowledge that arterial oximetry results can differ across manufacturers; therefore, comparing vital readings or logged data with those from other oximeters is not advised. For the most accurate measurement of arterial saturation, use the thumb or middle finger.

If you are having sleep disturbances, please consult with your GP or send us a message. If sleep apnea is suspected, please discuss the possibility of a sleep test.

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Customer Reviews

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Steve Brennan
Helpful for sleep apnea

I have sleep apnea for a long time, but trying to sleep without CPAP now. This is exactly what I needed to track my saturation levels. App is easy to use and seems accurate