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Sleepco Mouth Tape Strips for Snoring & Nasal Mask Use. 120

Sleepco Mouth Tape Strips for Snoring & Nasal Mask Use. 120

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Sleepco Mouth Strips for Snoring & Nasal Mask Use

  • 120 pcs
  • Comfortable adhesive mouth strips to encourage nasal breathing
  • Encourages nasal breathing
  • Helps to reduce snoring
  • Ideal for anyone using nasal masks for CPAP therapy
  • Soft, non irritating mouth tape 

Crafted with safety and comfort in mind, our Mouth Strips utilise a carefully developed adhesive that ensures easy application and removal. Not only do they adhere securely, but they're also designed to leave no sticky residue upon removal.

The Risks of Mouth Breathing: While many have grown accustomed to breathing through their mouths during sleep, the associated risks are less widely recognised.

Research indicates that mouth breathing can result in the inhalation of bacteria, increased likelihood of snoring and drooling, as well as throat dryness. More concerning is that prolonged mouth breathing can potentially impact facial structure over time.

Enhanced Comfort: Our strips are constructed with a medical-grade adhesive that is free from any odor and formulated to be kind to your skin, preventing irritation. Each strip includes a small central vent, which still promotes the primary goal of nasal breathing while allowing for minimal mouth breathing, if necessary.

Improved Sleep Quality: These mouth strips are designed to encourage breathing through the nose. This method not only enhances blood oxygen levels but also promotes a more steady and quality sleep cycle, reduces snoring, and contributes to a more restful night's sleep. Our strips stand out as the most straightforward, non-invasive, and efficient way to ensure nasal breathing throughout the night.

To reduce snoring: Ensure you can breathe through your nose normally before use. Apply to your closed mouth before getting into bed. Ensure you are sleeping on your side or your tummy. 

Note: Do not use this product if you have an obstructed nasal airway. Make sure you can breathe freely through your nose before use.
Recommended for people who wish to encourage breathing through the nose at night time, reduce snoring or wear nasal mask for CPAP therapy. 
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Customer Reviews

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Diane Combs
Works as described but strange at first

They take a bit of getting used to, but i'm now using these 50% of the time and 50% a chin strap to keep my mouth closed. It's nice to have the option depending on my mood