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Mini Jaw Exerciser and Toner. Increase jaw strength and muscle tone. 2 Pieces

Mini Jaw Exerciser and Toner. Increase jaw strength and muscle tone. 2 Pieces

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Mini Jaw Exerciser and Toner.

This product is intended to improve bite strength, and increase muscle strength and mass of the muscles involved in mastication (eating).

The purpose of this is to firm and condition the muscles in and around the mouth so that they stay healthy and strong.

Key Benefits:

  • Stronger muscles may reduce snoring
  • Larger mastication muscles improve appearance and confidence
  • Stronger jaw muscles


  • White: Lower Resistance: 40lbs
  • Grey: Medium Resistance: 50lbs
  • Black: High Resistance: 60lbs


  • Type: Grey
  • Material: Silicone
  • Included: 2 Mini Jaw Exercisers (2 pieces)
  • Use: One device at the front of the mouth or two on each side.
  • Warning: Choking hazard. Do not allow near children. Use with caution. Do not use after surgery, dental surgery, loose or damaged teeth or gum conditions.
    Muscles Targeted: masseter, pterygoid, temporalis.


  • May be contraindicated with TMJ disorders
  • Start with low reps and sets, work gradually up after 6 hours or the next day
  • Choking hazard. Not intended for children. 

This exerciser is recommended to be used alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise. While use of this product will increase mastication strength and hypertrophy of associated muscles, the benefits and cosmetic changes will vary from person to person and method of use.


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