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Hire a CPAP Mask: Full Face, Nasal Mask or Nasal Pillows for CPAP/APAP/BIPAP

Hire a CPAP Mask: Full Face, Nasal Mask or Nasal Pillows for CPAP/APAP/BIPAP

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Hire a BMC Mask.

Forgot your mask? We've got you covered. Ideal for trialing one of our popular BMC masks or if you require only a mask for your trip away, or trip in New Zealand.

This selection of BMC Masks have high compliance, are durable and comfortable.

BMC CPAP masks are well known for their quality and comfort, ensuring high compliance among users. These masks feature a strong yet lightweight design, making them both durable and easy to wear. The advanced ergonomic design offers a perfect fit, reducing pressure points and enhancing comfort throughout the night. Ideal for consistent and hassle-free sleep therapy, BMC CPAP masks provide superior performance while being incredibly easy to clean and maintain, supporting a healthier, more restful sleep experience.

Hire Costs:

  • Mask Only: $5 Per week
  • Mask (with machine): $2 Per week
  • HME Mask: $7 per week 
    • Due to hygiene reasons, we must dispose of the HME tablet provided.

Other Accessories:

  • Travel adapter: $5 Per week
  • Travel adapter and battery: $10 Per week
  • Travel adapter and large battery: $12 Per week

Bond Information:

  • Standard Mask: $139
  • HME Mask: $159
  • Travel adapter: +$50
  • Travel adapter and battery +$350

Please pay Bond to:

Reference: Your Surname


BMC F5A Full Face Mask

The BMC F5A CPAP Mask is a new, frame-free full face mask designed for superior comfort without forehead obstruction. Its single-layer soft cushion ensures a tight seal, eliminating leaks and skin pressure. Patented easy release clips and Quick-Click Frame Attachment allow easy headgear reattachment. Ideal for users with mouth leaks, nasal blockages, or a deviated septum, and those who wear glasses or read/watch TV in bed.

BMC N5A / N5B Nasal Mask

The BMC N5A Nasal Mask offers comfort and a perfect fit with a specially designed nasal cushion that prevents bruising and adjusts to the nose bridge. Its frame-free design allows clear vision, ideal for bedtime reading or watching TV. The mask features easy release clips for convenient headgear attachment and reduces CPAP marks and pressure points. It is ultra-lightweight, compact, quiet, and has a 5-part assembly for easy cleaning.

BMC P2 Nasal Pillows Mask

The BMC P2 is a new lightweight Nasal Pillow Interface. The ultra lightweight and minimal design makes the mask easy to assemble, wear and clean. The innovative design means the mask has more movement and flexibility, meaning there are minimal mask leaks. Most importantly it is so light and comfortable, while wearing you can hardly feel it. The BMC P2 CPAP mask is one of the best affordable range of nasal pillow interface masks available in the market. They have a very soft silicon insert that fits into the nostrils making CPAP therapy comfortable.

BMC P2H Nasal Pillows Mask - Waterless Humidification

The BMC P2H Waterless Humidification Mask uses Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME) Tablets, eliminating the need for water. It is ideal for travel, saving power when using a 12V/24V vehicle or external battery. Compatible with all CPAP machines, it's designed for the BMC M1 Mini but popular with any CPAP brand. It offers lightweight, convenient humidification, perfect for travelers, campers, and hikers.

BMC N5AH Nasal Mask - Waterless Humidification

The BMC N5AH mask offers comfort with waterless humidification via HME Tablets, eliminating the need for a water-filled CPAP. Perfect for travelers, hikers, and campers, it provides a compact, efficient alternative to bulky humidifiers. Suitable for users of smaller PAP devices, it ensures consistent moisture and airway dryness relief.

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