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Sleepco CPAP 12v Vehicle Adapter

Sleepco CPAP 12v Vehicle Adapter

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Sleepco CPAP / APAP / BiPap 12v Adapter.

Runs any PAP device rated 75W or under.
Shows your vehicles battery charge so you won't run it flat.

Full charge: >12.5 V
Flat Battery: < 10 V

Attach your existing PAP devices power adapter into the Sleepco PAP Adapter and into your vehicle's cigarette lighter port.

Depending on the source battery, it is recommended to use without the humidifier running.

Estimated power consumption per night without humidifier ranges from 50 - 70 Wh. A typical car battery has about 500 - 1000 Wh capacity.

Do not discharge your vehicle's battery below 50%. Make sure the battery is being recharged between uses.

This mini inverter is great for the caravan, campervan, motorhome, RV and camping etc.

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