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Sleepco EarPlugs for Sleeping: 60 Pack

Sleepco EarPlugs for Sleeping: 60 Pack

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Sleepco Ear Plugs for Sleeping: 60 Pack - Possibly the best sleeping earplugs on the market. Slow expansion for improved comfort.

Earplugs often tend to be too firm or tight or not soft enough. You'll find these are just the right trade-off between comfort, noise reduction and pressure.

A massive 60 pack will last you over a year as each earplug is safe to use for up to 7 days when proper hygiene measures are taken.

These noise-reducing earplugs are especially suitable for sleeping, woodworking, snoring, studying, travelling, motorcyclists, concerts, loud events, operating machinery etc.

  • Cost saving: Less than 70c per pair
  • Significantly reduces noise: 31dB NNR industrial-grade earplugs are an effective tool against hearing loss/injury for those working in loud noises or industrial environments.
  • Superior to other earplugs: Other earplugs may be too firm or expand too quickly, leading to fatigue and more frequent awakenings. Sleepco earplugs have been designed to offer the same noise reduction without compromising on comfort.
  • 36dB SNR/ 31dB NNR earplugs can significantly reduce noise as you sleep. Sleepco earplugs exert low pressure on the ear canal by using high-quality slow-release foam.
  • Higher quality, slower expansion foam means longer lasting earplugs and better comfort.
  • Can be trimmed for extra comfort for smaller ears or to personal preference.
  • Suitable for teenagers and adults: Soft and malleable, when inserted correctly make a tight yet comfortable seal from the outside noise.
  • Compress and roll the earplugs as required and gently insert them partially into your ear. Hold them in a fixed place to let them expand.
  • Save money with 60 pairs. Either share them with your family or keep them for yourself.
  • Excellent choice for noisy neighborhoods, apartments, tradespeople, snoring partners, and CPAP users.


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Excellent product, thank you. Very happy