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USB Heated CPAP Tubing Cover

USB Heated CPAP Tubing Cover

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Sleepco USB Electric PAP Tubing Cover

Turn any standard CPAP / APAP / BiPAP tubing into heated tubing. There are multiple benefits to using a tubing cover.

Reduces condensation by keeping the internal temperature warmer, thereby reducing the frequency you have to clean your machine.
Warms the airflow for a better nights sleep. Recommended during cooler seasons for more comfortable sleeping.
The protector effectively maintains and increases the temperature of the pipe and internal airflow.
Prevent temperature difference between inner and outer to reduce the collection of water.
Zipper and hook and loop design is easy to install and disassemble.
Made of nylon, does not contain any latex and is safe to use.
Helps maintain the temperature of the pipe and airflow.
Reduces noise and friction when tugging
Suitable for standard (1.8 m or 2 m) CPAP tube.
Reduce temperature differences between your breath and outside air increasing comfort
Reduce water condensation within the tubing, helps keep tubing stay cleaner for longer.
Material: Nylon
Filler: Sponge, Heating Sheet
Length: Approx. 184cm/ 72.4in
USB Powered
Maximum Using Diameter: Approx. 4cm/ 1.6in
Power supply mode: DC 5V 1A
Adjustable temperature range: 30 - 60?
Adjustable heating time: 15~60min

If the ambient temperature exceeds 30?, the power should be turned off. When the room temperature is high, the air temperature of the mask may be too high and cause discomfort.
Cannot be washed by hand.
Properly adjust the heating time and heating intensity of the pipeline heating jacket according to personal needs.
Keep away from fire or heaters.
Unplug and clean only with dry methods or alcohol if required.
The power supply for the heating jacket of the pipeline must be a DC power supply.
If the pipe heating jacket is broken and the internal circuit is seen, please replace it in time.
Length: Approx. 186cm / 73.2in
Suitable for Maximum Tube Diameter: Approx. 4cm / 1.6in

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